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 Solomon Wedding


My wedding was last December. I personally had spent many months off and on making arrangements and coordinating things. My best friends kept urging me, however, to get a coordinator because there were going to be too many little things that I would not think about nor have the time to organize. I heard from a dear friend of mine that Leah had coordinated her friend's wedding. I was skeptical at first because I wanted to make sure that if I was going to release the reigns to someone that they would have an excellent temperament, be very organized, and know how to run a wedding. 
I heard nothing but excellent reviews, so my now husband and I decided to give Leah a shot. God blessed us, and she was available to do our wedding. She joined us for our last meeting with our facilities manager and together we smoothed out all of the details. Then came wedding day, I arrived to find that, as some weddings go, the previous party was running very behind schedule. I became anxious. I decided, however, to release the organization of my wedding to Leah and my wedding party.  I went in as if there was nothing wrong. And to my very pleasant surprise, Leah organized everything to the point where I felt like it was a perfect wedding! I recommend Leah to coordinate any wedding. She has a very pleasant demeanor, is very knowledgeable, and does not leave any loose ends.
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