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Knot Dreaming was born out of a hope and a prayer. From the heart of a little girl that loved playing dress up and dreaming of her very own prince, a love of love and weddings grew over the years to become what is known today as Knot Dreaming.



























  Leah Fontenette Roney is the dream behind the company and the planner behind the dream. She is fondly known by her friends and family as the ultimate lover of love, a true modern day fairytale princess. There is no dream too big and no lengths too great that she isn’t willing to go through for the sake of her clients and their dream wedding. The beauty happens out of her home office in Orange County, California. Leah strives to create a stress free wedding planning process for her clients and makes every effort to create an experience that focuses on the celebration of love and marriage instead of the stresses of budgets and details. At the end of the day, the marriage is the most important thing, the whole reason for the wedding in the first place, and Leah is faithful to remind her clients of the bigger picture. With her expertise in organizational leadership paired with her love of weddings and experience in planning them, Leah is truly the perfect match for you on your journey toward marriage and very much the person you want standing by your side through the planning of it all. 


Are you ready to get started?? Let’s dream!

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