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 Soule  Wedding


"Leah, our wedding planner, loves weddings and loves LOVE. She is passionate about her job and makes her clients feel comfortable. My husband and I met with her at least once a month for the year before our wedding. She had an answer for any question we had, she never said 'I don't know'. She loves everything about weddings - all the symbolism and all the details that go in to them. If we were struggling with ideas, she always had a solution. She helped us buy wedding decorations, make wedding favors, find vendors, and even helped us write our script for the ceremony. She's always positive, very logical, and extremely enthusiastic about everything. She has a lot of experience and I will recommend her to anyone I know who is getting married. We weren't going to get a wedding planner at first but I'm so glad we did! She made our wedding day run smoothly! If you're on the fence about getting a wedding planner, please get one! And you should choose Knot Dreaming!"- Rachel & Logan Soule
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